Current Programs
  • Extreme Esteem©: This intensive workshop for women 18 and over is designed to get woman thinking about what they really want out of life and help them put together an action plan to make it happen. Focus is on beginning to understand and take control of areas that act as obstacles or cause difficulty. The workshop begins with the inspiring documentary film, I Am Beautiful, and leads participants through a series of interactive exercises that will bring more clarity and balance into participants' lives, and empower each woman to make necessary and positive changes. One full day or 4 two-hour sessions.

  • Rights of Passage: Designed to strengthen the bond between mothers and their adolescent daughter(s). This workshop allows participants to explore this wonderful, yet often-complex relationship. Beginning with the inspiring documentary film, I Am My Mother's Daughter, this series provides a road map of how to navigate through the trials and tribulations of raising a teenage daughter. It provides tools and strategies for mothers and teens to stay connected with each other while building a mutual understanding of each other's needs, roles and responsibilities, and a newfound respect for one another. Two three-hour sessions for mothers and adolescent daughters ages 13 - 18.

  • Voices of Change: This series is an opportunity for teen girls to explore and develop leadership skills that will enhance their lives well into adulthood. This series will enhance communication, decision-making, and critical thinking skills in both individual and team settings. Working with their peers, participants will develop a greater awareness and understanding of their individual strengths and weakness, and learn strategies to build self-awareness and confidence in a fun and stimulating environment. Six two-hour sessions for freshmen and sophomore high school girls.

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