THE ESTEEMED WOMAN FOUNDATION is run by a small staff and a group of dedicated volunteers.

Founder - Suzie Galler

Suzie Galler, Founder of the Esteemed Woman Foundation and President of Muse Entertainment has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. She began her career in the advertising and promotion arena, producing on-air campaigns for major motion pictures and mini-series before making the move to long form programming.

Since then she has produced, written, and directed full-length programs for CBS/Fox, Lifetime Television, and Public Television, among others. Her credits include "Intimate Portraits" of Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, and Sally Field for Lifetime Television, the documentary special "More Loverly Than Ever, The Making and Restoration of My Fair Lady," a series of award winning children's programs, and many more.

Suzie has devoted the last five years of her career to creating the Esteemed Woman Project, a multi-media project that includes films, outreach programs, events, artwork, publishing, and numerous other extensions to empower women. I Am Beautiful, is a one-hour documentary profiling six extraordinary women and a long list of celebrities sharing insights into their self-esteem journeys. I Am My Mother's Daughter highlights the emotional bond between mothers and daughters and the profound impact that relationship has on one's self-image. Both films aired on Lifetime Television. In 2000 Suzie founded the Esteemed Woman Foundation, a non-profit outreach organization created to bring the Esteemed Woman Project to women and girls across the country, providing them with the tools and a forum to explore and improve their self-image.

Suzie's work and films have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Pure Oxygen, Family Talk, and countless magazines, newspapers, and radio programs across the country and Canada. She speaks to women and girls around the country, personally delivering her message of the importance of believing in one's inner beauty, strength, and positive self-worth.

Suzie formed Muse Entertainment for the development and production of long-form women's programming.


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