What Every Spouse Would Like His Partner To Know

My relationship with you affects everyone in our family.
Our children's self-esteem begins with our own.

To build my self-esteem, I need you to ...

Express affection for me every chance you get.
Touch me and hug me often and lovingly.

Tell me often what you love about me, in your
words and your actions. Don't assume I know
it. If I act embarrassed or brush it off, don't
believe me. I need to hear it, so tell me

Let others, especially our children, know that
you value me, my ideas, my accomplishments.
Public affirmations of our love make me feel
proud, happy and close to you.

Compliment me for jobs well done. Don't take
what I do for granted.

Listen to me without judgment, even when
you don't see it my way.

Reassure me when I fail or feel shaky or can't
get it together.

Let me know when you want and need love.
Just because we live and love together doesn't
mean I can always read your mind. Knowing
I can comfort and strengthen you makes me
feel strong and important in your life.

Relish and enjoy all the ways we differ from
each other.

Express your spontaneous thoughts and
feelings of joy. They bring life and vitality to
our relationship.

Tell me your dreams and ambitions. Tell me
what pleases and excites you in life and in
our life together.

Ö and Iíll do the same for you.

Norma Randy de Kadt