The Esteemed Woman Foundation

The mission of the Esteemed Woman Foundation is to empower women to recognize and build upon their inner resources, strengths and ability to control their own destiny, and give them the confidence to proudly proclaim, "I Am An Esteemed Woman." Our goal is to encourage women of all ages to explore and build their self-image through interactive workshops, design and publication of written materials, and production of media programs and events which raise awareness of these important issues.

Often we get requests from women across the country to provide self-esteem building workshops in communities that have no access to funding or trained facilitators. We work directly with licensed psychologists and professional training consultants to develop solid workshop curriculums suitable to a broad spectrum of demographic groups. We also provide ongoing educational outreach programs for women and girls in "at risk" communities where there is significant need for leadership, but little opportunity to learn.

The same team of skilled professionals who develop our workshop programs oversee the creation of educational materials to be published and used both independently and in schools, women’s organizations, community centers, YWCA’s, etc. Our goal with these materials is to provide women with the tools to empower themselves and each other.

There is no question that the media plays a key role in developing our self-image. One of our goals is to use the media to provide positive messages about self-image to the broadest audience possible. Esteemed Woman Foundation will provide ongoing distribution of educational videos and documentary programs that fit into this category to non-profit organizations that lack the funds to purchase the works on their own. Esteemed Woman will also identify additional topics worthy of media exposure and help seek funding and distribution for their production.

If you would like more information about the Esteemed Woman Foundation, please call toll free 1-877-6-esteem.

Financial donations are gratefully accepted and can be made with a check. Please mail: to Esteemed Woman Foundation, P.O. Box 5131, Westport, CT 06881.

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