Emme On Body Image and self-esteemÖÖ.

I donít think youíre born with self-esteem. Iíve gone through so much of my own stuff with too much dieting, not eating enough, eating too much, over exercising, under exercising, all of those other things that had taken place. I had to educate myself and learn that Iím beyond just my physical self. That itís a package deal. Itís a balance of mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Itís not just one incident that I think can make somebody turn around and body-bash themselves. I think it takes numerous incidents where thereís such a misplacement of a focus on oneís body. They need to make themselves feel as good as they possibly can from the inside. Itís not a product. Itís not a drink or a pill. Itís saying I need to get out and exercise. I need to eat well, relax, and have fun. I need to be the best that I can be.

Can you imagine having a world where girls are righteously confident about their physical selves? Where they can discuss how theyíre feeling, whatís going on, whatís the newest book theyíve read, or even quantum physics, rather than how many calories they had over lunch or their newest exercise routine. New thinking. Creative thinking.


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