We wish to thank our board members and the many people who generously contribute their time and talents to the Esteemed Woman Project.

Honorary Board of Directors

Hillary Carlip
"I am beautiful because Iíve embraced who I am fully and Iím celebrating that."



Courtney Cox
"Just believe in yourself and know what your intentions are. And if you know that they're coming from the right place, then just have confidence in that and do not second-guess everything you do."


Cindy Crawford
"In my lifetime I have learned that beauty is not a physical attribute, but a quality inherent in all women.
I support the esteemed woman project not only because it encourages women to recognize their inner beauty, but it teaches them to gain confidence and self-esteem as well."


Linda Ellerbee
"You know when I learned I was beautiful? When I was 47 years old I lost both my breasts to cancer and I learned that beauty has nothing to do with body parts."


Geraldine Ferraro
"In this country we still haven't gotten to the point where little girls really know that they can be whatever they want to be and do what they want to do."


Joanna & Ashley Kerns
"My mom taught me that not everybody is going to like you and the most important thing is for you to like yourself and to be true to your emotions, your feelings your heart, everything".

Gayle King
"I really do firmly believe that self-esteem is an evolving process. Even today, there's always something that you can learn."

  Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinskey
"I am beautiful because I am loved. No. I am beautiful because I have loved and Iíve been loved and the rest is a distraction."



Lisa Tiger
"I think self-esteem is something that you feel from the inside. Where I get my self-esteem, of course, is being raised by a strong mother who knows that a woman can do anything, or anybody can do anything that they set their mind to.


Donna de Varona
If you learn to compete when you're a young girl, learn about self-esteem through sports and team building and setting goals and passing the ball to someone that you don't like, but you respect... these are the fundamentals

Advisory Board of Directors

Dr. Roni Cohen-Sandler, Psychologist and Author

Jean Otte, Founder, Women Unlimited

Robin Scarella, Connections LLC

Leonora Valvo, President Global Executive

Lili Vasileff, Founder and President, Money Matters!

Mark Watkins, VP Spriggs, Inc.

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