The Strength From Within

The one experience I remember that I think was sort of a catalyst for me was early on in my career I remember I had the flu really bad and my agent called and said get out of your flu bed, get dressed, get down to wherever it was, youíve got an audition for Charlieís Angels. One of the girls was leaving at that time. I donít remember which one and I said "well canít I do it in a couple of days. Iím really sick." He said "no theyíll only see you today and Iíve really had to fight for this audition. You get down there." So I got myself together and got down to the audition and I no sooner walked in the door and sat down when the casting agent looked at me and said let me tell you right now, youíre not right for Charlieís Angels. Weíre looking for a pretty girl. Everything she said from that moment on was just like a pow to the face, a sock to the gut, a kick to the teeth. It was so cruel that I was walking out just shell-shocked. But something in me took hold of the situation.

I leaned back in, opened the door and said, when youíre casting a cartoon, let me know and then I went home laughing about it. I remember thinking, if I can get through that Iím going to be ok. I wasnít going to let that womanís opinion of me disturb my own opinion of myself. I knew what she was saying was cruel. It was a deciding moment for me because I was going to be alright. I knew who I was. I knew I was talented and one personís opinion wasnít going to change my opinion of myself.

Kathy Lee Gifford


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